Makeup Remover
Makeup Remover
Makeup Remover
Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover

200 ml
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  • Removes all make-up (including waterproof make-up)
  • Does not leave the skin feeling tight after use
  • Specifically developed for the sensitive skin (does not contain perfume, preservatives & alcohol)
  • Not tested on animals Environmentally friendly: apply using only your hands (no cotton pads / wipes needed)
  • This Makeup Remover does not contain Staphefekt™
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Makeup Remover has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 12 reviews.
What to expect

Healthy skin requires a healthy balance of bacteria on the skin. Gladskin’s microbiome preserving skincare solutions for sensitive skin contain minimal ingredients. Each component has been carefully selected based upon its purpose, natural properties and benefit to the skin.

How to use it

Apply onto dry fingertips (no cotton pads needed) and massage into dry skin and lashes. Wet your hands and massage again to create a milky solution that will lift the make-up/dirt. Rinse off with water.

Our technology

Gladskin has developed a range of additional products for the sensitive skin to be used in combination with the Gladskin products with Staphefekt™, are microbiome friendly and contain a minimal number of ingredients. These additional products do not contain Staphefekt™, but they also preserve our skin microbiome and they do not inactivate the enzyme Staphefekt™ in other Gladskin products.
This makes them ideal for use in combination with the Gladskin-products with Staphefekt™. Gladskin additional skin care products contain no perfume, parabens, alcohol or soap.



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